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You have to be some what careful removing the cat . If you dont add some kind of crossover pipe or some such gizmo (not technical but remember reading) you will lose all the torque due to lack of back pressure.

Someone did a test on the cat itself, Mad angler I think it was and he found the cat to be prety much flow free and not impeding the performance at all. Ok youll save 20lb or whatever it is . So I think his conclusion was its pointless just in case you lose too much torque. (Mad is god engineer type knows his stuff)

Maybe you should add free flowing pipes ie the TORs or whatever pipes u fancy and the high flow filter first and see if you like the sound before you start doing nasty things to your new bike that might completey screw it up.

There have been people who have removed the cat and used the TOR tune but they definatly didnt run the bike straight through, not that I remember anyway. If they did they had some type of pipe constriction to create the needed back pressure but no one makes this for the TBird so you into DIY.

The odd thing about the TBird compared to the HD is that the TBird seems to be prety much optimised straight from the factory to run at optimal performance . It dosnt need too much playing with to get what its capable of or indeed the thousands of extra (insert currency of your choice) to get that extra ummph.

High torque 115 f/lb and 100+ bhp on the Storm and BB Birds and I can honestly say from nearly 3 years of having the Bird myself I havnt heard too many people bothering with takeing the cat off or indeed extolling the virtues of doing such a thing.

The biggest performance increase most have found is the BB kit if you have a standard 1600 , the Tors (short seems to be better from some accounts), high flow filter with the rubber seal taken off the airbox and some say the actually air box removal from under the seat . Some even say that can have negative results on the torque so be carefull of that too.

If Daz is around he can confirm or deny most of what I have waffled here as most of this is from 2 1/2 years of rembering old posts and personal experience.

Spose Id better say what ive got after all that then, BB kit, short TORs ,high flow filter and the rubber band around the air filter taken off. 1700 tor tune of course.

The best thing about this combo IMHO, is that when riding normaly I get a nice deep throaty rumble that dosnt anoy anyone . Open the throttle and hear me scream . Tunnels are best for that of course lol.

Long winded hope it helps
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