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Originally Posted by Eskerinola View Post
Well done Daycruiser!!
The reflector looks good and you will have no one hassling that you are riding a TBird with "other's" bags
Do you have a photo of the tool you used to remove the cap nuts? When I tried, it was kind of difficult for me.
How did you stick the reflector?
Is there a part number for them?
Isn't the leather "looose" where you removed the fasteners?
Thank you!
The Reflectors have an industrial adhesive pad on the back, they stick very well to almost anything. They are HD Part Number: 59288-92 and 59287-92 (left and right). I found them on eBay, I think I saw some the other day while looking for something else. I put a small amount of silicone sealant in each hole that the badge left when I removed it to make it water tight. The leather is not what I would consider loose under the badge as it's all one piece. It may not be completely flat due to the badge impression but it didn't affect me what so ever. Those babies are stuck on there very tightly after they cure overnight. The tool is a auto body trim removal tool and costs less than 10 USD. Any auto parts store has them. I'll post another pic after the bike is all together with the bags and seat. Thanks for putting me onto the bags, I really like them. Cheers!

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