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Originally Posted by robsalvv View Post
Thanks Gents, however my articulation lacked quite a bit on a second reading. Oh well.

The rider went for the rear - why didn't the rider brake with the front brake? Lack of skill seems to be the only answer to my mind. The rider's lack of skill and lack of riding awareness was the root cause for the crash, not a lack of ABS.
Years and years ago the "loud pipes save lives/ helmets are dangerous" crew decided that front brakes are too dangerous because thats the the tire you turn with. As proof, they would point to flat trackers which have no front brake. Then custom choppers were all the rage with the front brake that wouldn't stop a schwinn stingray.

So its no surprise this moron stomped on the rear and dumped it. the shame is that as much as i flog harleys, they actually brake really well. they are heavy, with a long wheelbase, and have excellent japanese front brakes.

I don't want ABS as it just ads more complexity to the machine. I look for an out on a hard braking, and several times have slid upright behind the moron who pulled out in front of me. to that end,i practice panic stops regularly.
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