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Originally Posted by robsalvv View Post
Anyway, mandatory ABS is coming to European compliant bikes from 2016. Right now the argument is whether it's from 50cc up or 125cc up. The manufacturers wanted to go with combined braking systems for small bikes because of the cost disadvantage of ABS on budget bikes... the EU parliament said nope, ABS all the way. The bottom end of the market is underpinning the entire European manufacturing market. If they have to add ABS, cost savings will have to come from somewhere or the price sensitive market will falter... where are those savings going to come from? What's the bet bikes will be fitted with the cheapest and least sophisticated ABS to keep the costs down... or there'll be a drop in quality - or a bit of A and a bit of B. I predict history will eventually show up the folly of this decision.
HA! They said that about the cost of adding the Turbo Encabulator and now they are everywhere....
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