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Corbin solo seat answers and information needed

I currently have the long haul dual seat and backrest but as I never ride two up I am looking to change to a solo seat and backrest combo and the Corbin seems like and obvious choice. I have searched this forum and read all Corbin posts but I still would like some more information and questions answered before I pull the trigger on a new saddle.

Here a my questions or requests for more information.

1) I read in earlier posts some concerns about Corbin saddles affecting the Birds air intake and therefore performance as the underside of the seat is not configured like the OEM seats. Is this a real issue or just speculation from the early days when these seats were new on the market?

2) There seems to be a consensus that the Corbin seat ( I am not sure if this applies to both the solo and dual) pushes you a bit closer to the tank and therefore might reduce leg room on the bike. I have 34 inch inseams and would not like to be any closer to the pegs in a new seat configuration. Is this the case and if so can Corbin do a bit of a custom mod for me that would move me further back in the seat?

3) I am uncertain about which backrest to order. The standard one does seem quite big and I know some people have gone with the smaller Gunfighter backrest. I would appreciate any comments on the various backrests. I believe I read in a post that i can't find now that the Gunfighter one hinges which would be great for getting one and off the bike. Is this true?

4) I have read several stories about poor customer service from Corbin and also less frequent posts talking about good service from the company. Does anyone have any updates or new information on this?

5) I am considering getting a heated seat for those cooler days. Does anyone have any comments about the Corbin heated seat? Are they a single or dual temperature seat? How effective are heated seats anyway?

6) The Corbin solo looks bigger than the OEM seat. Does the rear fender luggage rack still fit with a Corbin seat?

Any other relevant information, photos and/or updates from Corbin users would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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