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Thanks Gents, however my articulation lacked quite a bit on a second reading. Oh well.

Have you guys caught up on the lawsuit against Harley Davidson? The injured pillion is suing HD because her and her hubby rider believed the bike had ABS due to the ABS status icon on the tacho and them believing that the salesman said it had ABS... the icon however, never lit up on start up and the user manual describes clearly that if the bike was fitted with ABS, the status light would light up on start up. Seems as though they never read the manual.

As I understand it, the rider had to suddenly brake due to traffic build up, stomped on the rear brake and without ABS, got into a skid and the bike crashed into a slide which lead to serious injuries. They're blaming a lack of ABS for the crash. For a rider to even follow this kind of thinking, means that their assumptions would have to have been that if you have ABS you can brake any old way and the ABS will take care of it and there wouldn't have been a crash. WRONG!! ABS will stop the wheel from skidding, that is all and a panic stomp on the rear will end up with a longer braking distance than a controlled brake. Whose to say that even if they had ABS they would have avoided a crash? Longer braking distance and all means they very likely might have crashed while upright. Who would be to blame then?

Apparently they had the bike for 15 months without twigging that it didn't have ABS. Hello?? McFly?!

The rider went for the rear - why didn't the rider brake with the front brake? Lack of skill seems to be the only answer to my mind. The rider's lack of skill and lack of riding awareness was the root cause for the crash, not a lack of ABS.

I suppose this rider represents the perfect double blind single data point - riding around like he had ABS when he actually didn't, and it caught him out. Is he the clear example of risk compensation? It sounds like he didn't even take his bike somewhere to practice what this new kind of braking felt like. To me that's negligent. (He would have found out quick smart whether he had ABS or not if he had!) Hypothetically speaking, I wonder whether he put off a skills course thinking he didn't need it because he had ABS?? God knows...

Anyway, mandatory ABS is coming to European compliant bikes from 2016. Right now the argument is whether it's from 50cc up or 125cc up. The manufacturers wanted to go with combined braking systems for small bikes because of the cost disadvantage of ABS on budget bikes... the EU parliament said nope, ABS all the way. The bottom end of the market is underpinning the entire European manufacturing market. If they have to add ABS, cost savings will have to come from somewhere or the price sensitive market will falter... where are those savings going to come from? What's the bet bikes will be fitted with the cheapest and least sophisticated ABS to keep the costs down... or there'll be a drop in quality - or a bit of A and a bit of B. I predict history will eventually show up the folly of this decision.

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