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New Buzzing/Vibration Noise

I'm back with a new noise in my 2010 Thunderbird. *sigh*

I've heard it for a little while now but it's finally to the point that it's driving me nuts. Here's the particulars:
  • Tends to happen when it's cool outside.
  • Tends to happen when the tank is below half full.
  • Only hear the sound when the bike is above 2300rpm and below 4200rpm (as best as I can tell)

So, I hop on her today to ride back to work from lunch. It's about 40F outside but I let the bike warm up plenty before rolling down the street. Fuel is about 1/2 full (empty for you pessimists) and as I rev through 2300rpm I hear this odd buzzing/vibration from somewhere at the front of the bike. I've heard this before and it generally goes away when I top the tank off.

I've never had the tank off my bike myself and it's been a long time since the shop has had the tank off.

Has anyone else ever heard this?

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