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Randomo thanks for your reply it's interesting you say it should already have the hi flow filter I'll have to check that. As far as having enough power already, in my experience often times more power witch is always welcome comes with more efficiency & smoothness. Having come from a cbr1100xx the storm while having good low down torque is certainly far from ridiculously over powered on the street, what i'am looking for is the optimal set up for the bike with out cracking the engine open or anything like that. A few years ago I had a vehicle powered by a 5.7lt all alloy ls1 Chevrolet v8 with the recommended exhaust, intake & ecu mods my engine tuner found a total of 75 hp , a bucket load of torque, a far happier & responsive running engine that also delivered better economy than standard if driven normally, all i'am saying is these modern engines are set up to tight emission regs, possible poor fuel, noise regs, opened up to breathe & with a more performance tune there just has to be a lot more potential in these engines, perhaps not to the extent of Harley's that hardly run from the factory but improvements nonetheless . So finally I believe some one must have experimented with these triumphs & I would love to have a list of what does work & what not to worry about. Sorry for the long post but there's got to be data out there .
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