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Disableing the CAT...


Step one is complete to a new exhaust system for my bird. In stead of eliminating the CAT, I simply removed it and drilled a hole through each side.

With the CAT in a vice I used a center punch to start the hole, then used a step bit with an extension to drill a 1 1/8" hole through the divider inside the CAT.

I can tell a little difference in sound at idle but that is all. I haven't had it out on the road (because of weather) to check performance... but I doubt there will be much of a difference.

I was given a set of stock pipes (from a wreck) to dissect... I used a air cut off tool to cut the welds at the point where it connects to the CAT and remove the baffles. I'm waiting on a new (tunable) baffle from Arrow to arrive to see it I can make it fit. If I can I will post a fairly complete project log with the how to's.

So far removing the baffle is easy, it is going to be difficult to put it back together so that it can be removed again for tuning... I haven't figured that part out yet.... The stock shield will cover any tooling that is necessary.

I am also working the possibility of a 3" diameter straight pipe with a tunable baffle. I should be able to have it as a bolt on... still working on that one too. If I go this route I will remove the CAT completely.

Getting things chromed is really expensive $$$$ so I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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