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Very interesting perspective; I had not thought of that and I think you make a good point. It seems that these discussion almost always degenerate into opposing camps. "You absolutely must have it", or "I don't want it".
Life isn't that simple, you have to take into consideration experience, riding habits etc. I've owned several classic cars; none had seat belts; that doesn't mean they should be relegated to the scrap heap. I've owned several airplanes; some had shoulder belts and some did not.
I fully understand that there are very good benefits to ABS; it is an advanced technology that can, in many situations, improve safety especially for less exeperienced riders, or riders who drive in "inclement" conditions. That does not mean that a bike without ABS is an accident waiting to happen. Moderation and perspective have to be considered. Absolute and dogmatic statements implying that anyone without ABS is taking their life in their hands strike me as somewhat silly and superficial.
There are millions of bikes out there - yep millions - without ABS. Bikes without ABS will continue to be sold for years to come, say what you like. It's good technology; I'm glad it's available. But it's not the going to make two wheel vehicles more stable than four wheel vehicles.
We ride motorcycles, and they are less stable and more accident prone that motorcars; that is the way it is. It's a choice we make; ride hard and often and be happy.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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