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Yup!! They wear out right in the middle.And that's true of ALL the radial tires on whatever model motorcycle ya buy today.I too have a 2010 SE.Bought it new 16 months ago and have already logged on almost 29,000 miles.I'm on my fourth front tire and my fifth rear tire which I just changed this AM.These tires suck in plain English.I've spent more on tires for this machine alone than I have on all the other machines I've owned over the last 50 years.I am hunting for a tire that will last atleast 10,000 miles but haven't found one as of yet.I'm averaging 7000 miles on the rear and 9,000 miles on the front tire.And it doesn't seem to make any difference which make tire I buy.So the hunt continues.

However,Dunlop is coming out with a new tire,American Elite in our size,and Michelin is also comin out with a new tire,CommanderII,neither of which are available yet.Dunlop is claimin 15-20,000 out of their new tire and Michelin is claiming 25,000.I can't wait to get my hands on either one of em"IF" they ever become available. Dave!!!

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