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Let me say this, If you just want stuff you can bolt on, then true, there's not alot out there yet. But to my way of thinking if there are aftermarket products out there that everyone can get readily most bikes will start to look alike in some way or another. What I mean is look at Harley for example or Yamaha for that matter. Most of these bikes start to look like one another after awhile. People see something cool on a bike and then they put the same thing on thiers. After awhile everyone is bolting on the same popular accesory. My point is that any bike is an open platform to be customized. It just comes down to your creativity and your skills ( or depth of your pockets). Right now I've been looking at my TBird and more and more I see the beauty of the lines and I have been taking things off to accentuate them. I dont see many on the road around here but what I see online and such it appears that many folks are bolting on every thing Triumph makes for the Bird. So in a way by not adding to the bike it becomes somewhat unique. Does that make sense?
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