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I'm kinda in the same boat as yourself... When I decided on a new bike I road them all, from HD's to BMW's. I kept going back to the Tbrid for the ride it gave me. Other than the 30k Beamers it was by far the best ride of them all.

I own 2 Harleys, and they have about 99% of the aftermarket tied up. I have to own something that is different than all the rest. After seeing 2 other Grey & Black Tbirds in town, I said that is it... I started with some pretty simple stuff like a windshield from WindVest, the Triumph aux lights, custom risers for the handlebars, grips, floor boards and a Corbin seat in Brown leather.

I removed the gaudy license plate bracket and relocated the turn signals and side mounted the plate. My last customization was going to be paint.

I learned to drive a car in a 58 Ford Thunderbird that was turquoise, so I decided on that as my color. So far I'm happy with the looks of the bike, you can check out the thread and see the pics.

IMO, most bolt on stuff is not really customization... It does make your bike unique... but not custom. You have to be patient, in the 2 years I've had my Tbird the number of "parts" has doubled or more.

Buy the bike for the ride and reputation... the customization will come with time.

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