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Originally Posted by Red_SE_1600 View Post
What seat did you have on? Stock, Long Haul, Custom, Corbin?
Did you have a windscreen
How did the bike perform?
Many speeding ticket on I 10?

We have to hook up in Gainesville one day when I'm up there-we also have an S50.
I have the long haul seat with backrest, though the backrest does not exactly get used that much the way I sit on the bike. I use the passenger foot rests at high speeds because it is more comfortable, and that pushes my body forward and away from the backrest.

No windscreen... I use a full-face helmet.

Bike performed just fine. I have new tires front and rear (Avons) and I just did the 24k maintenance as well, so it was good to go. The one thing about the Avons is that the rear is a 200/55 instead of the stock 200/50, so that means I have an extra 2cm of diameter on the wheel. As such, all of my speedometer readings are a bit low. I was indicating anywhere from 75-85 mph most of the time, which means I was probably 5-8 mph higher than that. GPS showed me going 94 at one point.

No speeding tickets on I-10. I think the cops were just too surprised to see some idiot on a motorcycle to bother taking my speed down.

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