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First rule of thumb in this business:Never make anymore work for yourself than ya have to.

The trick to doing this job after the tank is raised is to unplug and lift the coils off,then R+R the plugs.And ya do em one at a time.The two outer plugs are easy to get at and done from each the side of the machine.However,I find that performing the task of accessing the two inner plugs is best done from the front of the machine,while straggling the front wheel.When goin after the inside right plug,which is the hardest one to get at,you'll have to remove one or two small screws that hold a plastic cover in place on top of that plug/coil.After the screw[s] are out,just move that cover a tad in either direction just enough to access the coil and then the plug.Then just move it back into place and install the screw[s].

And don't forget to put never seize on the threards of the plugs and to apply die electric grease on the coils where they push down onto the plugs,and around the outer edges of the coils where they push down into the cyliner head.The next time ya service em, you'll be glad ya did that.You'll see what I'm talkin about when ya get into the job.I think the whole job,start to finish,took me alittle over an hour.Needless to say,the next time ya do it,it will be easier and quicker.Like anything else,the first time is ALWAYS the hardest. Dave!!!

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