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Originally Posted by what_the?! View Post
ive been looking for customisation options for these bikes for a while- in fact its one thing that has kept me from buying one...i dont want a bike thats the same as every other one out there...

i'd like to know what size rear tyre can be installed, maybe see one of these with some white walls, fat front tyre, custom fenders ..the usual stuff...

Perhaps you could look at it another way, first there are far fewer of the bikes out there, and second, since there isn't that much of the "usual stuff", i.e. genuine pseudo custom mods available, you have the opportunity to be truly original!
Creating and adapting your own mods should meet your needs better than buying something anyone else can get too.
I love to see what you come up with; if you go through with it, be sure and keep us posted - with pics!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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