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I vote yes on ABS. My first bike was a dual drum type and we had really not much ability to stop-yes they did teach look for a shoulder to run to and bail out. Yes they did teach laying down the bike. Now laying down a bike to slide under a Semi-that would be useful.
There must be a reason why most all Police bikes have ABS? (if not all)

No one has mentioned that the Grannie Nannie Goverments of EU and USA are thinking of mandatory ABS on ALL bikes.

When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, it's generally best to remain upright on your bike. Remember, tire rubber has an immense amount of traction. However, plastic, steel, and chrome (the materials found on the side of the bike) offer almost no traction. Your ground up flesh also might make a nice slippery surface, owie, When you stay on your motorcycle instead of letting it slide, you'll be better able to stop in time or swerve out of the way. The only possible time where it might be a better idea to purposely end up on the ground is when it's better than the alternative, like going over a guardrail down a cliff or into the middle of a ten-car pile-up. Once you lay down a bike, you have absolutely no control over where you will end up.

Locking up the rear brake a good way to lay down the bike. I vote ABS on my bike.

Good ideas about checking Air Pressure-probably a safer bet than ABS.

Better idea is to keep the god damn tires that freaking wear out quckly-stick rubber is softer and wears out quicker.

I vote for long life for the rider, screw the tires. One day in the ER quickly wipes out a decade of tires.

I ride for serenity and peace of mind. It clears out the cobwebs and it's a 100% immersion in survival and living. Dancing with the cars and trucks, turkey and deer. They got texting in steel cages. I get all the safety gear I can pile on and ABS. Come and get me mutha's.

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