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Why "THANK YOU SIR" for the plug.Now who do I send the check lol
SEE!!! I'm not as dumb as I look!! lol lol
And after all the frustration and countless hours of trial and error attempts that both Daz and I have gone thru to get to this point,I believe that the code has finally been broken.Plus,since I have never owned a belt drive motorcycle in the 50 years I've been riding [the last five were shaft drive,chain drives before that] this was a new and challenging experience for me also.

Now just a couple things to add,if I may Daz.When the belt is over to the right of the rear pulley,you'll note the the belt is dead center on the front pulley and the belt has to be able to move side to side when under accel and decel, traveling to the left on accel[hence the reason for the replaceable thrust ring on the inside of the rear pulley],and back to the right on decel.Now if the belt is dirty from dirt dust,etc.from everyday use,it can't do that.So that means it needs to be cleaned,washed or atleast rinsed thoroughly every so often.I just figured that out this past weekend when my belt started to make noise and everything looked ok back there.and I haven't touched it for over 8,000 miles.So I took my hose and thoroughly rinsed both the belt and cogs,moving the machine ahead each time I rinsed the belt and cogs until I was sure i had gotten them clean.Well guess what?? No more belt noise and now the belt can travel back and forth like it's supposed to.Does everyone understand that and the "WHY"?????

And I have a question for ya Daz.What happened to the other site??????? Dave!!!
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