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took the bike to my dealer last week and they replaced the switch. BUT they said they had spoken to Triumph, i presume Triumph Australia, and triumph said that there is a fault in the computer module which senses when neutral has been selected.

I now have to make a second 500k trip to get the computer replaced when the part arrives from Hinkley. will be approaching Hinkley re some compensation - fat chance.

I spoke to Hinkley warranty section a week before i had the switch replaced and was told there was no recorded issues connected with the switch.

if there is a computer problem then to me this is a major safety issue and all TB owners should be notified directly not simply wait for their dealer to tell them at their next service.

my dealer also told me there were 3 outstanding warranty recalls on my bike to do with screws on the front fender and in the ABS control unit. The fender screw could apparently potentially cause a blow out.

i checked recalls on my bike about 4 weeks ago and found no outstanding issues

The fender screw was subject to recall in usa in may 2011, what took so long in Aust.

Once again if its a safety issue you would think all relevant TB owners should be notified directly and not wait for the next service.
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