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Originally Posted by TheRedRat View Post
SimpleGreen is stocked at Bunnings. Has anyone tried their chrome cleaner and polish?

The SC-1 website mentions paint, fibreglass but not chrome...... feedbak on this one?

SC-1 is stocked in Victoria
Doesn't matter. Trust me, it works great on chrome. It has become my one step every product. I only use a cleaner like simple green for cleaning stuff that is tough like bugs or for greasy areas. SC-1 isn't a cleaner really, but it does clean where just dust and such is present. I would say if your bike gets really dirty then you need to do 2 steps....clean, then protect/shine. But if you keep the bike clean and it just gets some dust and pollution, water spots, etc, then SC-1 is a one step cleaner. Chrome, any paint, anything except obvious things like your seat and tires.

If you read labels you will find none of them are really accurate. I have several products for certain purposes for which i have found other products not specified for that purpose to work better. For example, i had a bottle of mother's chrome polish. The SC-1 and another product i have used called liquid performance both worked a lot better on chrome. I also find SAC-1 works much better on black plastic and other no gloss black areas than mothers "back to black" does, and it's made for that purpose. The list is endless. I actually think that i have found most of the products for a specific use tend not to work all that well compared to other products not specified for the same use. Sounds crazy but it's true.

If you can grab a can of SC-1 try it. I think you'll find at worse it's a good product. If you're like me you'll think it's one of if not THE best detailing product you ever used. First time i did my whole bike with it i can honestly say i was a bit stunned at how it looked. The slickness helps keep dust and gunk from sticking to it too, so it lasts very well.
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