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Exide owns Yuasa.In other words,it's the same exact battery other then the label on it.

Short hops and or allowing the machine to set for even short periods of time will kill any battery after awhile.If I'm not gonna drive my scooter for a while,I plug my battery tender into it.My record for a MC battery is 8 1/2 years.My average battery life has been four years.You should be able to get atleast 3-4 years out of any MC battery if ya do not over load the electrical system with accessories,drive the machine every now and then,and plug a battery tender into it when it's not being driven.It's also a real good idea to keep the battery terminals clean and tight,checking those connections periodically.

However,on occassion,you will get a bad battery which the place you bought it from will usually warantee.And I DO NOT use or even like the DRY CELL batteries [I think they're called GELL BATTERIES] as I've run into too many guys who have tried and had problems with em.

I've also installed a small digital volt meter on this scooter as well as on all my other bikes.By doing this I know axactly what's happenin in the electrical department at ALL TIMES when the motor's runnin.It's called EXPERIENCE which is a great teacher and the reason I did it,just in case anyone's Dave!!!

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