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If you're gonna start the machine every three or four weeks,ya don't have to put any oil in the cylinders.Just make sure you stick to that schedule.And don't touch the throttle until it's warmed up.In other words,don't rev the motor because it takes a little time for the oil to warm up and circulate thru the motor, especially if it's been setting for a few weeks.

As for the plugs,ya do not have to remove the tank.Just remove the three bezel screws so you can lift it just enough [be carefull not to disturb or pull on the wires going to the bezel] to remove the bolt in front of the tank,then lay the bezel back down in place and replace the three screws loosely so bezel doesn't move,then loosen the back tank bolt,and lift the tank from the front,like a hood opens on a car, about 8 inches or so.Then place something about the same length, like a wooden dowel or roll of paper towels, to hold it up so you can gain access to the plugs and coils.And be carefull not to bump that support so the tank doesn't fall.

This is fresh on my mind because I just changed my plugs a month and 3000 miles ago at the 25,000 mile mark.I'm now alittle over the 28,000 mile mark.Not bad for a 15 month old machine,whadaya think??? lol Dave!!!

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