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Road Rash

I hope you recover quickly and I would check out some serious protective clothes-I got a pair of
They ain't cheep but are made to order and fit well with lots of armor. I'm running 42 psi rear and 40 front and did a temp check with my hand. I ride for 20 minutes and feel the tire, too hot and I add some pressure. Too cold and I take some out. Works for me and my track racer buddies do this. I don't hear much about setting tire pressures by feeling the tires any more but I tune more for grip than mileage. I'm the one on the bike who wants to have a long life not the tire. I promise to help out and eat more venison this year! I must be driving too slow as I have 6500 on the Metzlers and they look new. I hope your body, spirits and bike are all in good shape in the spring. Do your part also and eat more venison.

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