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Originally Posted by Daycruiser View Post
Yep I agree, I was just thinking about this as it applies to all 100 counties as an inspection item and not an emission tail pipe test. Motorcycles are only exempt from the Tail Pipe Emission Test in NC. That's why I was concerned about removing the CAT to put on new pipes or even just bypass the CAT with the tube mod or chamber mod.
1. Any vehicle shall not be approved if the vehicle is subject to inspection with any of the visible emissions control devices placed thereon by the manufacturer are missing, disconnected, made inoperative or have been altered without approval of the Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources.
Your call of course, however I personally have never seen an inspection station in NC express the slightest interest in the design of my exhaust system. Besides, my Hogslayers proudly display the Bristish Customs logo.
Anecdotal evidence of course, but the road guard plate on the CAT of my 87 F-150 pickup fell of long ago - 302 FI V-8 runs great and passes every year.
Your original question was regarding the risk of running into problems.
If you pull up and say you've removed the CAT and wonder if that falls under 19A NCAC 03D .0541 you will probably have a problem (or maybe not...). If you are seriously concerned than be happy with the OEM you have.
BTW, have you asked your dealer if he's installed any Hogslayers?
And, just to be provocative - does running a different Tune alter the emmisions? If the answer to that is yes, then so does the 12 minute Tune since you really have no way of knowing what parameters were "tweaked".
Also, what does "altering" mean? Is replacing the stock exhaust with anything else altering?
My T-Bird is registered in Florida - no inspections here.
My Suzuki Volutia is registered in North Carolina and generally gets an offer to buy when I take it in to be inspected. Have I altered anything on it? I'll have to think about that, no one has ever asked me...

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