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Originally Posted by 56Renegade View Post
I'm cruising along at 50 MPH when Dufus pulls out in front of me I'm looking at a 4 ft deep ditch or high siding the bike or slamming into Dipstick's black Mazda. I hit the rear brake harder than I intended. The result was dropping from 50 to 5 in 50 to 60 ft. My 'Bird ran straight and true to the edge of the roadway at the shoulder. I ended up 3-4 ft behind Dimwit's rear bumper at the closest point when I could downshift to first gear, (AND my butt cheeks could let go of the seat ).

I'll never own another street bike that doesn't have ABS.

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This is exactley why I am such an advocate of ABS. If you read the motrocycle crash statistics, right of way incursions (car pulls in front of you, etc.) Are among the most common and in those cases, as you describe, ABS allows you to stop much faster and safer becuase you simply grab a handful of brakes.

The Michigan motorcyle cops do an impressive demonstration of ABS. They line a bunch of people up and run a motorcycle betwen them at 50 mph and and slam on the brakes at a pre-determined spot. The BMW 1200 RT they use for this stops in under 50 feet. It's incredible to see and makes one realize that a stop like that while trying to modulate the brakes simply won't happen.

In car ABS ins't so important since locking the tires usually isn't an issue. On a bike it's a completely different story.
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