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I also agree with much of what Dazco says. I give ABS a little more credit than he does, but fully agree that these issues can be carried to an extreme and ultimately it's an individual choice. We make many other choices that are probably equally (or perhaps more) critical to safety. Examples of these are:
- how far to let the tire tread were down before replacing
- purchase a softer tire compound that grips well or a harder compound that wears well
- check tires daily as is recommened with a good tire gage or occasionally
- how fast we ride - at night - in the rain - when we're tired - I can go on...
- one beer and? ride now, in one hour? two beers and? you get the idea
- wear a helmet? full face or lid?
Zeroing in on ABS as a key safety factor is probably wishful thinking; there are many other choices we make that are equally important. Much depends on your riding style and how far you want to go to reduce risk.
I don't have to ride my bike for work, it's always a choice I make. I avoid riding at night and in any kind of inclement weather. I rarely ride two up. I'm perfectly happy cruising along within the speed limit. Most often I worry about whether I'm going fast enough - not too fast. I'm sure ABS could add to my safety.
Remember, we ride motorcycles; it is a choice. I could suggest trikes as a safer option for some, but that would start another debate - we'd probably end up talking about ABS enhancing the safety of trikes...
For me it was a $1000 decision; I ofted for more "farkles"; color me silly.
Great discussion though.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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