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ABS will help in some situations but not all. In a small percentage IMO. There are so many ways to crash and many leave ABS worthless. A sitch where you have no time to stop at all because it's too close, hitting a patch of oil/water/sand, etc. Things like that have nothing to do with ABS. In MY riding experience, and i'm not saying this is true of everyone, but i cannot think of a single incident i have had where ABS would have come into play at all. I am NOT exaggerationg here. And when i was younger i spent my first 5 riding years on the pavement more than on the freakin bike. I was down probably 20 times in that period, maybe 5 of them being collisions with cars. And i am 100% positive as i recall all of them that even one would have had ABS come into play.

Second, i believe there is a device that will literally take safety so far beyond what ABS is capable of it's pathetic. Your brain. It's got a steep learning curve, but if you have an understanding of bike physics and what it takes to go down and how quickly things happen, then by training yourself to be acutely aware ALL THE TIME is something that IMO when combined with the fact most incidents will not benefit from ABS will make the biggest difference in your survival than anything and far far above what ABS is capable of.

Those are IMO facts. So for me, no, i don't feel ABS is the major safety factor many do, at least for me. But the fact is it COULD save you life. You just have to weigh whether or not it's past the point of diminishing returns for you. You can take motorcycle safety to insane extremes if you want to and do a lot more than ABS. Wear a chain mail suit. Paint your bike solid floresect pink. Etc etc. But the point is where do YOU draw the line where the point of diminishing returns is? I draw it somewhere before ABS. Some will disagree and i understand that. I can even fully understand why. I just happen to think there are degrees of safety and till you starts approaching the extremes of one end or the other, it's completely subjective. YOU must weigh the facts and decide for yourself.
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