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If you go to, you can plug in your height and other measurements and then choose from a number of bikes to see how you would fit on them. The site gives you an option to compare bike to bike with just a flip of the scroll wheel.

I took the liberty of putting in your weight (had to guess on your inseam...put 33 inches in), and your knee angle on the Storm is 108 degrees, while on the Raider it's 128 degrees. That's a pretty significant difference. The bend of your arm is also considerably better/straighter on the Raider. Give the site a try.

I was all set to buy a Thunderbird in the spring (and probably still will), but this site really gave me pause. I'm coming from a Vulcan 900 Custom, and was surprised to see the Thunderbird was smaller (for your size, it's a 117 degree knee bend). At 6'1" myself, I was hoping for a more stretched-out posture, not less, for my next bike. If I buy a Thunderbird next year, it'll be in spite of the rider ergonomics, not because of it.
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