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Tires...Oh Those Lovely Donuts!

How's it going everyone?

I posted on here a month or so ago about tires...which ones to buy, what's a better replacement than OEM, etc.

However I'm thinking that switching from the Metzlers may not be the way to go. So I wanted to ask the audience...who here has decided to stick with the OEM replacement and continue to get what was strapped to the rims from the factory?

My thinking is, should tires be replaced every season regardless of the amount of miles logged on them? Are there some folks here that do that anyway?

I'm new to riding. This is my second bike. Nevertheless I'm thinking that tires are the one thing you DON'T want to skimp on. The only two contact patches to the road that your bike has and they're only a bit wider than the palm of your hand!

So what say the? Oh, and by the there a better tire out there than the Metzelers that come stock on our bike? Better in that they have that good grip that our tires have and last longer. I don't think I want something to last longer, but lacks in grip.

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