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I just plunked down the money for Avon's front and rear. The Bridgestone on the front still had tread, but I was unhappy with the tire in the first place... it acts like a brick.

The rear I am replacing is the Dunlop RoadSmart, and I got 7700 miles out of it. Depending on how the Avon works for me, I will probably be going back to the Dunlop after this.

I only got 7700 miles out of it because I apparently picked up a nail at around 2k miles and developed a slow leak, so it was hard to keep it at the proper pressure. At first it would take two weeks before I would notice that there were issues with tire pressure. Then it got down to a week... then a couple of days. When I finally took it in yesterday to replace it, I could get about half an hour down the road and it was time to pump it back up again. So it was receiving some odd wear over time due to being underinflated.

I have gone through two Metzlers on this bike, but each one of them were changed out before their time due to different reasons. The first was because I knew I was going to be going on a long trip, and the tire would not last through all of it. I changed that tire at about 6k miles. The second one I changed out right at the end of that long trip due to a massive hole in it acquired while going down the Interstate, an experience I would really not like to repeat.

After that I tried a Bridgestone, and it was garbage. Cheap tire, but you get what you pay for and in this case 5500 miles and it was done.

The Dunlop was wonderful, despite having to deal with air pressure problems from the nail.

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