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Originally Posted by Draeger View Post
One more reason why I don't have a pannier seat on my bike

I'm happily married to a beautiful, wild woman and I've learned through experience that anything more than a casual, appreciative smile at a pretty girl you aren't married to can take you down a pot-holed road that will probably end in a horrible high side crash (and occasionally the worst kind of persistent road rash).

I count myself extremely blessed: I feel the same way about my Triumph as I do about my wife. Contentment through appreciation for what you already have is the greatest wealth a man can know.

I don't want anyone sitting on my bike and I'm not going to ask to sit on yours!
I have to say thumbs up and well done to Draeger
When you get to be my age there's a certain satisfaction and comfort that comes from knowing that you've made good choices and what you have suits you well. Life is good!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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