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Here in town we had the 16th annual Toy Run sponsored by HOG... There were about 600 paid entries for the ride, and maybe another 50 or so that showed up late and rode anyway.

Since I have several friends that own HD's (as I still do) I decided to ride my Tbird in the event. I really wanted to show everyone that there are other great bikes other than HD's...

There were a couple dozen of what I call sponsor bikes that probably cost 50K+.... Orange County Chopper stuff...

I had as many ole grizzled HD riders (and pretty ladies) around my bike as did those HD's, and actually had pictures of my bike in the paper.

I admit that some of the HD's really look good, and sound great. But I'd put my Tbird up against any of them... when it comes to attracting the girls...

Married or not every guy enjoys a little attention from a pretty lady.

Ride safe!!
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