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I laid it down once. I had been riding too long, it was hot, late in the day, I was in an unfamiliar area, and cruised right through a stop sign into an intersection. Before I knew what was happening, I was on the ground. I had hit my brakes, I think gradually like I practice, but something happened (maybe I laid it down a a reflex to turning away from the side of the SUV in front of me and wanting to put my feet toward it). Would ABS have made a difference? I don't know since I barely knew what had happened, but when I went to buy my 'bird the guy asked if I wanted ABS for additional $$$. I went home and looked at some youtube videos, thought how much my life was worth, and if I only used it once, it would be worth it.

And as Draeger pointed out about heated grips, I love them, and I cover my brakes nearly all the time too, but when I'm on the highway and there's nothing around, I do wrap my fingers around them, loving the warmth. They're also good for that at stops.
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