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well here we are 2 weeks after my last post above, and today on the way home from a 3 day 900km trip the speedo went haywire. I was just entering a small town, so coming down from approx. 110 kph to a 50 kph zone. As I glanced down I saw my needle jump from 80 to 100 even though I was still decellerating. I Rode through the town and the needle stayed on 100, it would not drop. Out the other end of town I accelerated to the highway speed again (with the other traffic), and ending up cruising on an indicated 190 kph!
When I finally came to a stop about half an hour later, the needle dropped 60 kph as it's lowest point. From 100 down to 60 is sort of stuttered it's way down, rather then a natural smooth needle movement.
So I took a couple of photos for evidence, and when I turned the ignition off the needle dropped instantly to 0 where it belongs.
I will be giving the shop a call again tomorrow. I am 2 months out of warranty, but I will be insisting they fix it at there cost.
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