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i rang hinkley last friday spoke to a technical bloke. He said, as did my dealer, that the belt and pulley are designed so that the belt runs against the outside of the pulley. if its not then the wheel is not aligned correctly and the belt will wear quicker. he said harley belts also squeak, both made by same manufacturer "Gates" - check any harley forum and theyre full of comments.

he suggested get some anti belt squeak spray. i am trying too check with Gates to find out what spray to use. have used selleys 808 silicone spray before but unsure if it will bugger the belt.

Don't see why i should have to carry this. Have now managed to get the belt 1-2mm off outside of pulley - no squeaks and it can stay there stuff the extra wear. The squeak makes it too embarassing to ride the bike down the main street.

if i'd heard a new TB making loud noises like that i probably wouldn't have bought one.

am also going to buy the belt tension tool ($37Au) and the manual alignment tool - both harley products that my dealer uses (triumph do not have them on their parts list).
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