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As a kid I had plenty of minibike crashes, but to answer Paulfun's question I have only been in one accident on a full size motorcycle.

What happened to Paulfun's cousin is certainly tragic, and I am very sorry for what happened to him. Still this example does not offer enough information to justify that the bike rider should have laid the bike down. For all we know he wasn't paying attention, and by the time he hit the brakes it was too late. In general I believe if you actually have time to consider laying the bike down, then you have time to find a better solution as well.

I'll give Paul the one about the guy who hit the tractor trailer though. Obviously once he reached the point that the impact was inevitable then he should have tried to slide under the truck. The same rules of physics apply here though. Dropping the bike would still have increased the stopping distance. This is just a rare example where that is actually the better outcome.
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