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Originally Posted by Lantesh View Post
Engage is right. You always want to slow down as much as possible even if you can't avoid a collision, and anti-lock brakes can help achieve that. Once a wheel locks your stopping distance will increase. Also laying your bike down as paulfun suggests is never a good idea no matter what the scenario is. Laying the bike down will also increase your stopping distance.
How many accidents have you personally been involved in?
Every accident isnt by the book and the so called experts have proven themselves wrong before.

Now think about this- Stopping didtance is stopping distance. When you have it you can stop without impact correct, when you dont have enuff stopping distance you are gonna hit something one way or the other correct. So laying the bike down and hitting it in a differtent manner or laying it down and hitting something else like a gaurd rail or a retainer can also become a viable solution but in many cases you will stand a better chance of less to no injury by being behind the bike.

I have laid my bike down purpously on two occaisions in order to avoid doing more damage both physical to the other driver as well as myself and the vehicles involved. Both times I was able to simply get up and walk away and so were the other drivers.

My cousin is living with brain damage because a rider that should have laid his bike down didnt! The bike went into the cockpit of the car and messed him up bad. Looking at the accident the rider would have probably lived also, if he wasnt entangled with the Caddy by staying on the bike!

THe night I hit the brakes on the thunderbird the bike ended up in the intersection right in harms way! If I was on my kawasaki it would have been on the ground with me standing right outside of the intersection but both would have been out of harms way!!

Most people seem to rely heavily on the experts and what they say. I muist question what the experts decide the criteria is for thier decision? IS it in fact that "most accidents or ALL accidents" happen this way and this is what you need to do! I seriously dout it! In fact what they are telling you is that "IN our observations we have found that most accidents we investigated happen like this" Its a polaticians type solution and it does help many riders aviod injury but it does not cover all accidents or circumstances that we may encounter nor does it cover the varied ability of the different riders and their ability to make the bike do things that others cant or wont.

In my opinion Dreager has the right Idea and is very close to what I was tought by my driving instructor (My Father who also happend to be not only a professional instructor but a STate Police officer) I will quote one thing he said here "Dont rely on that technology as if it dosnt function properly or fails completely you are sure to get hurt"
This has also affected us personally and let me tell you tractor trailers will tear up a car when they connect with you!

I Personally witnessed a man have his head severed off by listening to the experts as he hit a tracktor trailor in the upright possition when in fact if he would have laid the bike down he would have went right under the truck and probably been able to walk away! Guess the experts didnt get that one right! SORRY!

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