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My opinion is to get ABS AND practice emergency braking.

ABS in a car is good, but its even better on a bike. If I am driving down the road and a deer jumps in front of me (happened twice to me last year) I do what everyone instinctively does - I slam on the brakes. If you lock the brakes on a car, no big deal, but lock the front on a motorcycle and you have trouble.

Dave slammed on his ABS brakes and 1) maintained control and 2) did not hit the object in front of him (a car if I remember from his post on the subject).

Another member, Raptavio, had a car pull in front of him and he hit the brakes too hard, locked the front tire and went down. fortunately he wasn't hurt bad, but did require hospitalization. I haven't seen him post in over a year so he may have given up on riding, but had he had ABS, his wheel would not have locked.

You can search for that post. He didn;t hit the car and one member claims that is because he went down, i.e., stopped faster, but it doesn't work that way. Keeping your bike on the rubber will stop you faster, always, then putting it down. The experts that write about motorcycle safety will tell you that even if you are going to hit an object, keep you bike upright and scrub as much speed as possible and that's what ABS let you do.
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