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I've been drivin two wheelers consistantly now for almost 50 years and have never owned or driven a motorcycle equiped with ABS until 16 months ago when I bought my brandy new Tbird SE which comes standard with ABS.I have driven it over 27,000 miles since buying it and have only had to panic stop one time,which did,infact, activate the ABS system.And all I can tell ya is that,unlike the ABS systems used in the automobile which pulses like he** when ya stand on the pedal and maybe stop ya in time,Triumph's ABS system does not pulse, but STOPS ya real quick and without loosing control of the machine.Now I am not an advocate of ABS on any vehicle, but even I was impressed with the ABS system used on Triumph's Thunder Bird.So IMO,if ya have the choice,go for it.If not,then if ya just use common sense when riding it,ya should be ok.ABS is NOT somethin that ya really need or can't drive without. Dave!!!
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