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Originally Posted by wallacej View Post
Thanks for all the imput fellas.My dealer in perth reckons I've done well to get the mileage I got and my local bike shop guy said the same so thats the end of that.The bloke here says he has problems getting avons (something to do with delivery he said) so we've looked on the net for other options.Couldn't find the dunlop D208 thats in the manual, so I've gone with a new one dunlop make called a road smart sport max.It's a sport/touring tyre, dual compound 200/50zr17, with all the correct ratings for the bike.It'll be here on tuesday and fitted wednesday so I'll see how that go's.Thanks again.
I went with this tire about six month ago, and it has done well for me. I have about 7500 miles on it (will have to check my records) and it is now time to change it, but I think I would have gotten more out of it had I been able to keep pressure in it all the time.

I sucked up a nail or something early on, and while it did not cause a total flat, it did cause a somewhat slow leak, which means that I was not always riding with the tire at 40-42psi (that seems to be the magic number for this bike).

At this point (7500 miles) the center tread is now worn out, and it is time to replace.

I have ordered a full set of Avon's to go on it this time, and I guess I will see how that set works for me. At least I am finally getting rid of that bloody Bridgestone off the front!

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