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Originally Posted by Daycruiser View Post
I picked up my new 2010 TBird SE this past weekend and rode home some 347 miles. I was ready to rip the seat off after the first 2 hrs and pitch it but sitting on the frame for another 4 hours wasn't an option. And before somebody says it I know SEARCH is my friend. Been there and done that with little to nothing relevant. Has anybody replaced their TBird seat with an after market or custom? I've had seats made by Russell Day Long in the past but that is one of the most expensive options. I can't seem to find much, all the usual suspects but not many for Triumph and less for TBirds.
The answer is Corbin, pure and simple. I had one on my America and did 2,500 klms in a week and got off every night like it had been only an hour.
I have ordered my Corbin for my TBird and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I kept the backrest from the previous seat so all good! ?"Unfortunately they are somewhat expensive - $700 bucks to me here in Oz and up to 12 weeks delivery but to me it is still well worth it. I believe you can get yours in the USA within a couple of weeks.

Happy travels mate

BTW they ARE a hard seat for the first 1500 klms but once they break in to your butt they are the best around.

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