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Right side oil leak... failed warantee plan...

So, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new 2010 Thunderbird; however, she has acquired an oil leak around the large bolt on the right side. It started as a little "misting" and then finally a stream. I took the bike in to my local HD dealer (there are no Triumph dealers here in Las Vegas) and they snugged it up for me and that fixed it for about a tank.... then it has started again (though I've noticed it may only be leaking now at freeway speeds as it didn't leak yesterday when I had a quick local ride). Obviously the gasket needs replacing and since I got the bike this spring I called my dealer back in Omaha to see how to get warrantee service locally. They forwarded my request to Triumph and the reply I got is disappointing to say the least. Apparently my warrantee is only good for service at a Triumph dealer and with the closest being 185 miles away that's not really an option. When I got my bike I didn't know I was going to get orders here (military...I go where they send me) so I didn't know I was going to have this issue. My local HD dealer, who will be doing my bike servicing, does have a "Triumph guy". My real concern is what happens when (lets hope NEVER!) I have a more serious issue and need service?

Back to the oil leak. I can probably replace it myself, but I'll have to figure out beforehand what is behind that bolt (springs? Bearing? ??) and I'll need to know what the tourque value is. Has anyone replaced this gasket?
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