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She just wanted your bike, you know that right?
Seriously....I have noticed this since i first got my speedmaster 6 years ago. People that don't even ride or know much of anything about bikes automatically think 1)-anything that isn't a sport bike is a harley, and 2)-it's simple fact that a harley is the best motorcycle on the road and if yours isn't a harley it's because you just couldn't afford one. Thats the attitude i see from non riders all the time. A non riding security guard where i work one day mentioned how harelys are the best when i was talking about my bird and i corrected him by telling him the harley myth is just that and that they are overpriced and dated mediocre technology to some degree. i went on to tell him the triumph is technologically superior and superior in all ways except finish quality. He was shocked but he believed me because like all non bikers he came by his opinion based on nothing but what he's heard over the years and the harley's big presence as numbers go. People just assume. But basically most all non bikers think harleys are the pinnacle of motorcycles.
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