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Riding is more important than cleaning. Not sure why you're covering your key lock and pipe ends. The electrics of the lock are sealed and water will get in your pipes when you ride in the rain anyway- it evaporates quickly.

Personally, I think 1/2 a day spent on the bike is better spent checking it for mechanical soundness; visual inspection of oil level, tire air pressure, electrical system check (battery, lights, horn, etc.). and general wear-and-tear. I find the best way to keep a bike clean is to keep the seals and gaskets in good condition so it doesn't leak fluids that attract road grime.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, many people who ride love their machines and want to spend time keeping them nice. I take mine to the car wash when it gets muddy, and when I see grime starting to show on the wheel rims, pipes and such, I get out the Brasso and give all of the metal a good going over. Oh, I only do spokes 3 or 4 times a year, when the dirt actually begins to show on them (spokes are a pain in the ass).

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