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Dazco, thanks for that recommendation. I'll look into seeing if I can get a can of that locally. The pointy-head bureaucrats around here have decided that shipping aerosols through the mail is too 'dangerous' so ordering a can online isn't going to work ... but where there's a will ... hehehe

This morning it rained. I rode to an appointment and then right home and washed the bike. Then the sun came out, and I headed out again. Good times.

I've wondered about the leaf blower, but it pumps out air at 70mph, which is about the speed any bike should be able to handle. I don't point it directly at the guts of the engine - I wait till the bike is running and warmed up and then hit it from a distance with the blower. Dries it right out very quickly.

I've wondered about the 'cover the grips with a bag before washing' instructions from the manual. Although I do it, it seems like any casual rainstorm would soak the grip area anyway... and riding at speed in a rainstorm is going to blast them for sure. I think that they are assuming people clean their bikes with a pressure washer? Kinda puzzling, if you ask me.

TBrider ... I too find it kind of therapeutic to clean my bike. I just turn on some tunes, and wash away. You focus on the little bits, polish, scrub and brush and it sort of soothes the soul. And yes, you stand back afterwards and compliment her on her beauty! But sometimes, after a long ride on a cold day, when starting a fire in the hearth is the only thing on my mind, I tend to wish I didn't have to baby her so much. This gorgeous machine is a high-maintenance babe, but she sure does look good on the imaginary pedestal!

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

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