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From your description you aren't being anal at all. If your bike is getting as dirty as it sounds, and especially if it's getting wet too, all i would say is thank god you have the energy to do that ! At my age i don't think i'd have the energy/strength to do that daily, and i'm probably more anal about keeping mine clean than anyone. I happen to be lucky tho in that the environment i ride in isn't harsh at all and i never have to wash mine. I just clean it with microfiber towels and various products.

i would suggest 2 things to you....make sure you dry the bikes as thoroughly as possible, as i have seen many people cite corrosion issues with most triumphs including the Tbird. Second, get some of this stuff....

I have used every product imaginable, and that stuff is amazing. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING shines like (looks like paint was just sprayed) it and it lasts quite well and resists dirt from sticking as much. There are other silicone similar products and some even use pledge furniture polish, but trust me, this stuff is the best and easist to remove. Other silicone based stuff often leaves oily streaks that take many passes to remove. This works great on every part of the bike including the engine, especially black engine parts, chrome, frame, and tank and fenders. Everything except the seat, grips and tires of course. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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