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The Dirt, The Grime ... Is It Too Much?

I've been riding in the rain for the past couple of weeks as the weather turns here in the Pacific Northwest of Canada.

I actually have been enjoying it - its not too cold, and its fun to be on a new kind of adventure on my Tbird ...

But then I get home and the bike is FILTHY. Dirty pipes, grimy wheels, dirt under the back fender. I feel compelled to wash it every day

I sprayed the underside, electrics and engine with ACF-50 before the rain started, and I lightly re-apply it after a wash occasionally, but here's my routine.

* Let the bike cool so I don't melt anything on the pipes
* Cover the pipe ends and grips with plastic bags
* Piece of tape on the key hole
* Lightly water the whole bike down
* Wash with a rag, bucket of automotive wash/wax mixture
* Rinse it off with the hose
* Start the bike
* Blow it dry with my leaf blower on high
* Run the bike until the rad stops steaming
* Wipe it all down again, re-apply protectant or ACF-50 as needed

Takes me about 30 minutes a day. Ugh.

Am I being obsessive? Is that too much? Do I NEED to do this? Are there shortcuts you guys use to keep your bike clean?

I realize a lot of us on here park the bike in the winter. I'm starting to see why that's appealing ... but I just can't do that!

I get a tight, anxious and sad feeling in my heart after a day or two of not riding my beautiful Thunderbird!

Must ... ride! Must ... wash!?!

What if there were no hypothetical questions?
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