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I'd love to have a bonnie too, but i gotta tell you if you worry about the Tbird around town, don't. I'd like to have a bonnie as a change of pace because no matter how great any bike is, the grass is always gonna seem greener after a time and it would be nice to have something that feels a lot different now and then. But to see the Tbird as not being nimble enough to ride and enjoy around town is a misnomer. It may not be as nimble as a bonnie, but it's MORE nimble than the bonnie variant, the speedmaster/america. I know because i came from a speedy and the Tbird at least for me handles easier down to the absolute slowest speed you can go, and FAR easier at those very slow parking lot speeds. Till you are actually off the bike and pushing it, it's more nimbe than my speedy was. So don't fear the Tbird as a round does quite well.
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