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Now that I see that they worked on your bike recently, I would guess that they didn't set up the throttle correctly when they did the BB kit install. On some EFI systems you need to reset the throttle position sensor and the IAC sensor or motor (which ever Triumph uses) whenever you do major engine work. If they (obviously) moved the stock adjustments on the cables or didn't do the adjustments for the BB kit then that is probably the root cause. They need to re-set up the whole system from scratch as if it were all new parts. This could all simply be a re-map for the 1700 kit as well. The mechanic could have fubared one of your sensors while in there too....easy to do...don't ask me how I know that....he may have failed to re-plug one in all the way as well.

BTW, if you ever get a problem like this in the future. Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes and then do the 12 minute tune. If that doesn't fix it then take it in.

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