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Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
Your problem is man made and created by who ever did the BB kit installation.SO!! Bring it back to him,explain the problem and how it wasn't there before you had the work done,and let him fix it BEFORE you get killed.It's probably something simple that he over looked or did not adjust properly.But don't think about it,DO IT!! Dave!!!
bike's in, will be checked out & road-tested by the dealer over the next couple of days. Interesting I have done around 700 kms on the BB before this issue happened. They will re-download the tune as well in case there's an issue there too.
On the plus side, I was given a 2011 Speed Triple to use until I get the Bird back. Not really by cuppa tea, but damn it's quick! Takes a bit of getting used to the riding position after a few years riding cruisers.
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